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Mold Issues:

The most apprehensive question we are asked. Did you find any mold?

A home is a complex system too often taken for granted. The difference between a good home and one with problems is maintenance or lack of it. Molds can damage the building materials. Molds can cause asthma and allergy attacks and possible illness to anyone with health problems. Mold needs moisture to grow, mild temperature and food. Mold will NOT grow without moisture.

Surfaces where warm air and cold meet is where condensation will form because the cold air does not hold as much moisture, such as: windows with poor air circulation, crawlspaces with no ground vapor barrier and cold concrete walls in basements that have poor air circulation. Exhaust fans dumping warm moist air into the attic. Attic access doors that have no weather stripping, the warm air from the home leaks into the cold attic air and condenses. Garage doors after the car is parked and its warmth settles against the cold garage door.

Crawlspaces should have an air tight ground barrier, 6 mil poly is fine. Crawlspaces should not be vented unless there is a combustion air appliance. If humidity is high install a small electric baseboard heater and a dehumidifier. Leave doors open in the interior so the warm air can circulate everywhere. Check weather stripping and caulking around all exterior wall penetrations. In attics have proper venting ensuring good natural air movement. Dab a drop of bleach onto the suspected spot if it disappears/changes it could be mold.

A home inspection is an educational and informative experience. It helps understand the nature of the problem if any and general approach for corrective action. Learn regular home maintenance and gain valuable guidance to preserve your property. It helps you recognize components that are functioning now but may wear out and require replacement. Being alert to systems that may be approaching the end of their life and future expenditures. A maintenance check by an AHIT certified home inspector is money well spent to find out if your home/investment is at risk.

Under the Inspection Resources webpage go down the alphabetical list to molds to access some very informative information on how to recognize and clean up molds.



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